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The non-traditional easter 2019 - Kelsterbach

Event Cache 17.04.2019 — 23:15 - 23:45 Uhr iCal | Google
Korsgat GC82X10
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The Non-traditional Easter 2019

Wednesday 17.04.2019

Time: 23.15


Sometimes I do have some strange ideas. And much too often I tend to follow my mind as well. And for this easter, I do not want to do it in the traditional way. That seems just so boring for me right now.

So I hereby invite to a little event right in a place I do not know at all. But I do plan to visit this place. So I hope some other cachers would like to join me here on this very late evening. The event will start at 23.15 and go on for 30 minutes. Who knows if I will stay even longer, It might happen...

So what is this non-traditional easter? Well, right now I am using a website called cachetur.no to plan my trip for a week in the surrounding area, and focus only on other cache-types than traditionals. So I would also be grateful if participants of my event have suggestions of caches that I should try to log, that are good multi-caches, letterbox hybrids, wherigoes or some unknown caches I might solve to log while on my trip.

But most of all, I would love not to be standing in this spot all alone...

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